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Join Our Affiliate / Brand Ambassador Program!

Sell hemp for a living no matter where you're located with The Reefer Madness Company!

We are seeking an Independent Sales Agent (Affiliate / Brand Ambassador) to join our team! This is not an hourly position it is a commission-based 1099 position. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

As you may know already, CBD is everywhere! It is one of quickest growing industries in the nation! With the passing of the 2018 US Farm Bill, which made hemp federally legal, our products can now be carried in all 50 states! This includes sales directly to the customer, online and in retail stores such as liquor stores, grocery stores and dispensaries! 

Our Affiliate/Brand Ambassador program is the best way to get started selling hemp, working for yourself, on your own time and creating long-term residual income in the process! We offer FREE 2 to 3 day shipping nationwide on all of our products; This includes everything from a single gram up to pounds/kilos!

Being an Affiliate / Brand Ambassador:

As an Affiliate/Brand Ambassador you will get 25% off all of our products for life!

You will also receive a personalized code that will give your followers 10% off their entire order and will also help us track your sales! You will make commission off of every sale made by you. We aim to keep the margins high and our prices low so all you have to do is focus on selling and growing the brand in your own way!

You will earn 20% of the profit from sales made by anyone you recruit for their first 5 sales!

All the legality, licensing, packaging, shipping will be done on our end. You will never be expected to carry any product on you. Although our products are federally legal, some individual counties may have laws against their use. Laws are rapidly changing in our industry. Also our hemp flower is such a high quality, it looks and smells very similar to marijuana so for those reasons we would like to keep our team as safe as possible and limit any liability to our end. 

We are willing to work with anyone but we also are looking for the best team possible so feel free to tell us why you would like to join the team! We are a Colorado-owned company based in Southern Colorado.

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